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Valve Repairs

Irrigation Repairs are vital to a well working, efficient irrigation systems. Unfortunately many maintenance contracts include repairs that are done with the least expensive parts available with no regard to efficiency. Over time this neglect can cause major system problems.

We perform repairs to damaged irrigation systems, valves, sprinkler heads, etc. to commercial businesses and home owner associations in the state of Arizona (Phoenix Area and surrounding cities). We send our most experience and certified professionals to do the job and use professional warranted parts. We are here to help you save money and water!

Remember, give us a call if you have a leak, or broken valve or a system that is not performing efficiently (wasting water). Our water manager is ready to take your call.


An efficient irrigation system is affected by design, equipment selection, proper installation, and long term maintenance. If any of these 4 areas are neglected, the overall efficiency of the entire sprinkler system is compromised. 


Irrigation AUDITS should be done periodically to ensure that sprinkler components are working properly.

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of audits:



Sprinkler system inspection audit involves activating each sprinkler zone to identify which head and valves are (or not) working correctly so water is applied to the landscape as intended. Significant water savings can be achieve by identifying and repairing problems.


Performance audits consist of a series of field procedures (like a catch can test) to collect sprinkler system data. This information is then used to determine precipitation rates (PR) and distribution uniformity (DU). This information is needed to effectively program a smart controller.

Catch Can Test
Irrigation Site Map

Are you lost in your own landscape? Does your site that need mapping? No problem.

Eco Verde Irrigation offers mapping services for your property. Don't spend hours looking for valves or what areas of your landscape they water. Our mapping services are a great tool for large HOAs and commercial businesses.

As part of our mapping services, we do a walk through to inspect your sprinkler system and run each zone to identify any water issues then using the most accurate GPS technology in the market to properly mark each zone, valve, points of connections and irrigation controller locations.

All this information is nicely put on a detailed and easy to read map for your convenience and use.

Call our specialists for a free consultation and ask about our mapping services. Thank you.


Most sites receive water bills either by mail or online every month with a brief description of their water usage.


We use this information to compare historical usage with actual usage vs. budgeted or needed usage to show savings that can be obtained by better watering practices.

We also use this information to identify which areas or water meters are reading an excessive amount of water. With this information we can determine potential savings and return on investment (ROI) by upgrading the irrigation system to a smart controller accompanied by high efficiency sprinkler heads and nozzles.

Need a water report? Contact us today.

Water Reporting
Water Usage Monitoring

What makes us stand out among other irrigation companies is the new smart irrigation technology available for residential and commercial clients.

One feature that makes this possible is monitoring. Monitoring allow our certified specialists to learn of any water leak, reduction or water excess in determined areas for immediate attention.

Without monitoring you would have to wait until someone reports a leak or broken valve to you. Days can pass until the issue is identified causing a tremendous amount of water loss that is reflected on your bills. 

Act now. Upgrade your irrigation system and let us monitor your water usage, replace or repair any broken or vandalized valve in your area. Call Now to setup a free consultation TODAY!. 

Our clients have reported savings up to 60% compared to previous years. Don't waste money and water. Call Now!


Have high water bills or have an old sprinkler system and don't know how to proceed?

Call us to setup a consultation with an irrigation specialist that will walk you through the entire process to determine your site needs are met and the proper equipment is selected for optimum performance and results.

Whether you are ready to upgrade your entire site at once or by phases, we are here to help.

Call 602-358-0090 or send us a quick note here.

Thank you.

Free Consultation
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